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Universal Data Access (UDA)

Universal Data Access Drivers (UDA) is the product family name for our collection of industry standards compliant and high-performance data access drivers for ODBC , JDBC, ADO.NET and OLE DB

These drivers support all the leading backend databases engines, and with the exception of OLE DB, are inherently platform independent.

Virtuoso Universal Server

A single server product that offers a database, operating system, and programming language independent solution across the following enterprise level pain points:

  • Enterprise Data Integration
  • Social Media Enhanced Enterprise Collaboration
  • Scalable RDF Data Management
  • Web Services Composition & Deployment (SOAP or RESTful)
  • Web Content Management & Linked Data Deployment

Click here for complete Virtuoso family details.

Developer Kits & Utilities

Software Development Kits for building ODBC Compliant Drivers and Applications, for all supported platforms.

Note: OpenLink Drivers are not included included in these SDKs.

Plus, a collection of utilities for addressing the following problems areas:

  • ODBC compliant application and ODBC Driver interactions
  • ODBC standards compliance
  • ODBC Driver performance benchmarking
  • JDBC Driver performance benchmarking
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